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Session #92: China vs Freedom!!

July 21, 2017

  This week we unpacked Anytime Messaging by Amazon, more fake news, comic-con, Galaxy Note 8 and a roundtable discussion on the creation of internet silos by countries throughout the world through censorship and more.   Links: Social Star Creator Camp Amazon Anytime Messaging Jeff Bezos then and now Fake video editing tool Comic-Con Galaxy Note 8 Uber adjusts employee compensation, finally China blocks WhatsApp China to block VPNs Tax free weekend Best tech products for college and high school 15 must have tech products to start school with How to save money on electronc gadgets Hosts: Dexter Johnson (@Dexter_Johnson), Danny Bell (@VerbalDanger) & Kiara Castleman (@Kiascast)   Download, subscribe or share this show through social networks at http://whadduptech.podbean.com/ or http://dexjohnspc.com/podcast. Last but not least, leave us a rating on iTunes and tell a friend!